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What Is Electrolysis & How Do I Get Started?

Excessive hair on the face or any body area can be very upsetting. Facial hair can cause skin to appear patchy and rough.
Electrolysis is the only safe, permanent & medically proven way to remove unwanted hair.

Electrolysis can be done safely on most body areas including eyebrows, lip, chin and cheeks. Hair can also be removed from breasts, abdomen, legs, bikini line, arms and underarms, as well as the back.
With Electrolysis you can redefine your hairline.

Developed in the 1800's, Electrolysis uses a split-second impulse to the root of the hair causing the destruction of the blood source to the hair. As your treatments proceed the hairs will become lighter and finer until treatments are completed.

* At Advanced Image Electrolysis Studios, we offer all new clients a complimentary consultation. During a consultation we will review your health history, previous "temporary" hair removal attempts and give you a sample treatment. Your Electrologist will then be able to tailor your treatment schedule to meet your individual needs.

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